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Sometimes RL can invade our Living the Cute Life in SL!  I admit, this has happened to be over the last few weeks.  My inventory is totally not Cute after being neglected for so long.  How do you all handle not so cute inventory situations?  Do you have a favourite method or tool to keep things organized?  On the bright side, I did manage to score an absolutely cute hoodie from RibboN that I’ve pretty much been living in (When I wasn’t wearing a bikini and running through random sims throwing snowballs at people – Don’t judge, we were bored and trying to get everyone into the Winter Spirit!)  RibboN has a bunch of hoodies available, both from their lucky boards and for sale (at really good prices too).  Between the lucky boards and buying, I think I own the whole store.  This is what happens when a Bratista like me, finds something cute!

The Bratista Brag Bag

Outfit:  RibboN | Animal Parka | (LBA-2)
Hair: Truth | Sam | Mirage
Makeup: Alaskametro | limited edition: launch skin (dark)
Prop:  Baffle | Coastal Daybed

Halloween is my most favourite day of the year.  Any SL cutie can tell you, that even though we can live out our fantasies in SL, Halloween still allows us to be as cute and freaky as we want.  Unfortunately this year I’m unable to participate in the Halloween festivities in either SL or RL.  Never fear, I’m not really missing, even though this absolutely adorable gift from Intrigue Co. might say otherwise.  Happy Halloween everybody!

The Bratista Brag Bag

Makeup: Alaskametro | limited edition: launch skin (dark)
Prop:  Intrigue | Missing Person Mask: Halloween 2012 Gift

For the first few months I was in Second Life, I never purchased anything.  Why?  I was cheap, I was stubborn and I refused to buy Lindens.  I became an expert in collecting freebies, clicking MM boards and group gifts.  Eventually, I saw an outfit I just had to have, there were no other options except for me Lindens.

Out came the credit card, and I made a purchase of…$20 worth of Lindens.  The store that received my first purchase as none other than Brat!  I loved and still love Brat! and I tend to pop by on a regular basis.  The clothing that is put out really does exemplify for me Living the Cute Life.

When I sat down to write this post, I looked through my over bloated inventory and realized, I own quite a bit of Brat! clothing.  Probably far more than any one person should, but that’s alright, I love clothes *giggles*.  The outfit I am showing here comes from the Fall 2012 Twisted Hunt and I find it to be incredibly cute.  I was dumped into a Safe Hub this morning while taking the pictures and I received two IM’s about the outfit, both very complimentary.  I guess maybe it’s not just me who thinks Brat! clothing is a must for anyone who wants to show off their cuteness!

The Bratista Brag Bag

Hair: [Elikatira] | Abbey | Blonde 07
Outfit: Brat! | Darkness | Twisted Hunt Fall 2012
Makeup: Alaskametro | Two-Faced “Fresh” 02 | Dark
Pose:  Diesel Works