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Jammies!  Yes you read that right, I am completely and totally addicted to Pajamas.  This isn’t just an SL addiction, this is also a RL addiction.  Granted in RL I don’t wear them often, but I certainly own more than one person should.

My most favourite place to buy jammies is of course Intrigue Co.  Why?  Because they make the absolutely cute jammies!  Kitties, and doggies and dragons and unihorns.  How can these not be cute?

Admit it, there’s nothing better after a long day than throwing off your icky outside clothes and slipping into something comfy and warm.

If I could find jammies like these in RL, I’d totally buy them and I’d probably even wear them.  I mean, they are probably the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

As you can probably tell by now, I think I own every pair of jammies that Intrigue Co. has ever produced.  I pop into the store at least once a week, just to see if there’s something new.  And when there is, let me tell you, I get giddy like a school girl.  MUST HAVE NOW!

Maybe it’s something from my childhood, where I was forced to wear ugly jammies (except at Christmas, when I’d get a new pair of jammies) or maybe it’s just the fact that it’s frivolous and fun in a tired world.  I don’t really know.  But I can say this.  No one comes between me and my pajamas!


The Bratista Brag Bag

Outfit: Intrigue Co.
Poses: !Bang


The other day, someone asked on Plurk what we wanted to be as kids.  My immediate answer(s) were simply.

1) A Diplomat – The thought of working in an embassy in some exotic location has always been a desire of mine.  Ok, maybe not so much exotic to some, but my dream was always to work in an embassy somewhere in Eastern Europe or Russia.  I’ve had this desire since I was a little girl and it still holds true today.  So much so that I spent nearly a decade studying to do so.  Ironic considering I’m about as far from working in the diplomatic service as I am to being a brain surgeon.

2) A Photo Journalist – I’ve always had a passion for photography, and I loved the idea of covering developments across the world with my camera.  I used to carry my camera around with me everywhere I went, capturing life events, tragedies and anything that interested me.  As I grew up and began to travel, it wasn’t uncommon for me to come home with 100 rolls of film (this was far before digital cameras) and I’d spend weeks developing them in the dark room, or hundreds of dollars getting them developed.  This dream was squashed pretty fast when I was hurt just out of high school in a car accident and realized I’d never be able to keep up with the demands of the job.

3) A Journalist/Writer – I’ve always loved to write.  One of the first school assignments I can remember was to write an extended story about pirates.  It was only supposed to be a few pages long, but I stayed up all night, perfecting my 35 page story to give to my teacher the next morning.  Unfortunately for me, my teacher was an evil witch and complained to my parents about my precociousness.  Fortunately, this didn’t hamper my love of writing.  When I entered University, I was fully prepared to enter into Journalism, but seeing the market for Journalists was slowly dying (Digital media of course) I decided down a different path (preparing myself to be a diplomat), but I’ve retained my love of writing and I do it for pleasure as well as for work.  I still have stories in my head and written in 50 notebooks that someday I might sit and put pen to paper, or in the modern age, fingers to keyboard.

What does this have to do with being cute?  Well, simply put, I think having dreams, ambition and a head on your shoulders is extremely cute.  Regardless if it’s SL or RL, those people who are the cutest always those with intellect and strive to follow their gypsy souls.

The Bratista Brag Bag

Hair: [Elikatira] | Balance | Red 05
Skin: Lissee | Melina | Honey
Shape: Belissima | Letica | Normal 1
Jacket: Foppish | Wooly Gown Coat | Skulls
Pants: Phoenix Rising | Maddy Ribbed Pants | Slat
Makeup: Mock Cosmetics | Pandora’s Gingersnaps and Champagne
Pose:  Glitterati

When I first started Second Life, I did what everyone does.  I got freebies.  Copious quantities of freebies.  I scoured the search finding the newbie friendly stores, that had rows upon rows of outfits, that at the time I thought were amazing.  My inventory was a disaster and my wardrobe was a bit…blingie (yes, I wore the blinged out, flashie white stiletto heals.  Don’t judge me! *giggles*).  I wasn’t satisfied with what I was finding for free content and I was a cheap skate.  My goodness have times changed.  I think it was around my second month, I realized that I needed a change.  I call this my first stage of cuteness.  I decided to make my own skin, modeling it after my real life (I spent 10 weeks looking at myself with a mirror, I don’t recommend this to anyone).  I checked out my scars and my beauty marks, I even had a few checked out by a doctor (one can never be too careful, especially when you’re fair-skinned and prone to sunburns).  I purchased  hair, eyes on and on and on, and began my quest for finding the cutest girlie frilly fru fru dresses possible.  We’re talking crinoline, poof skirts and stockings here.  This became an obsession.

I began finding store upon store, and I began buying everything within the stores.  It’s actually a running joke amongst my friends that when we go into a store, they’re expecting to hear me say “There’s nothing new here, I bought everything in the store”.  Most of the time, it was true.

I look back at this time, and I sort of giggle.  I look at the clothing I bought and I simply smile.  I think back then the excitement of finding that perfect frilly dress cannot be fully described.  I remember hearing about a shop that was closing down.  I was so incredibly sad because it was one of my favourite stores, but then I caught wind that they were reducing their prices.  Immediately, I grabbed my trusty Visa and purchased more Linden than any person should really do.  I did buy the store, and the images in this post show one of the dresses that I grabbed.  I have it in 6 colours and until I sat down to write this, I had nearly forgot about it.

So here is my question to you.  What was your first phase of cuteness?  Were you much like me and dived directly into the frilly fru fru dresses?  Did you go for the sexy, yet sweet seductress look?  Did slip on some jeans and a t-shirt?  I think it’s amazing to see what others define as their cute style, so please provide some feedback and share your first phase of cute!

The Bratista Brag Bag

Hair: Truth | Sam | w/Roots – Mirage
Skin: Lissee | Melina | Honey
Shape: Belissima | Tara | Normal_1
Outfit: Baby Doll | On The Farm Pink | No longer available
Makeup: Mock Cosmetics | Sweet Coral Lipstain (2)
Pose:  !Bang

You may not know me, but I certainly know a lot of you.  When I’m not in disguise as Secret Agent Bratista, I’m referred to as Tigist Sapphire.  Or Tiggy, or Tiggie, or Tig and quite often TIG!  I respond to all of these names, and often even respond to “Hey you” or other peoples names (recently someone screamed “Hey Bubba” and I actually turned my head).  What ever works I say!  So how did I come up with the name The Bratista?  I wish I could take the credit.  Now, I can’t deny that I’ve been called a Brat most of my life, however one of my lovely Plurk buddies took it upon himself to bestow the name, and well I liked it and it has stuck.

I have to admit, I absolutely loved the idea of Living the Cute Life!  Not only do I have the pleasure of sharing what I think is cute, but I get to witness what others think is cute.  What could get better than that?  It’s similar to why I love looking at others photography in Second Life; everyone has their own unique tastes, skills and abilities, but in the end it’s all beautiful.  You give 10 people one item to photograph, and each will create something unique.  Now that my friends, is amazing.

So what do I think is cute?  That’s an absolutely loaded question.  It really depends on the day, the mood I’m in, the curvature of the earth, how many traffic lights I hit on the way home, or even how long it took my bloated inventory to load.  I like frilly, I like girlie, I like tomboy, I like anything that might show just enough “skin” to make a person go hmmmm.  I like over-stated and under-stated, I like formal dresses and sun dresses, I like bell bottom jeans and daisy dukes.  Though, I have to admit, my absolutely favourite things are…hair… well, bare feet.  I don’t wear shoes in SL often, so don’t be terribly surprised if you see my images containing…no shoes.  (Yes, these ones have shoes, I had to conform to societies norm at least once).

The first outfit I’ve decided to showcase comes from Danika.  You’ve probably guessed it, it’s a play on the Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy.  The outfit is a bit naughty, so be warned ahead of time, but none the less, it’s absolutely adorable!  Even my little Toto in the basket is to die for.  Look out Wicked Witches, I may have a house dropped on you!

When I’m not blogging here, you can always pop by and visit my site Ticklemetummy, though I promise to bring you my most cutest finds here first, just cause I love you!  There are some fantastic people blogging for The Cute Life, so make sure to pop around and see what they find cute, or even send them a message to tell them how much you love them.   Just remember, I do respond to Bubba.

The Bratista Brag Bag

Hair: D!va | Naomi | Black Amber
Skin: Belleza | Erika | Tan Xmas Gift | No Longer Available
Shape: Belissima | Tara | Small_4
Outfit: Danika | Dorothy
Pose:  aDORKable Poses