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Sometimes an outfit can lift our spirits.  Sometimes it’s the colour, sometimes it’s the fit, and sometimes it’s just because the outfit makes us feel cute or sexy.

When I’m feeling blue, I generally try to find something incredibly girlie girl.  Maybe something so incredibly cute, that it causes your teeth to rot out.  Of course, that cute quotient can also include an element of sex appeal as well.

Sliding into just the perfect outfit and feeling good about how you look might not solve all of your problems, but a lift in spirits always helps.

I’m curious if this helps anyone else.  What does a cutie due when they feel blue?  What do you do when you feel blue?  Does a cute outfit and feeling good about how you look help?

Or is the best medicine a tub of ice cream, a sappy movie and some kleenex?  Although all of those things are great, we’re talking about Living the Cute Life, so share your secrets!

The Bratista Brag Bag

Hair: [Elikatira] | Other | Blonde 07
Outfit: Paradisis | A Sweet Valentine | Freebie Gift
Makeup: Glamorize | Wish | Lips
Pose:  Glitterati